A French company placed in Troyes in the Champagne area. Producing high performance multpack machinery and complete end of line equipment. Using the latest technology with many robot applications, pick&place units and robot palletizing units.

Manufacturing horisontal ffs mashines for pouches and stand up pouches.

Fawema Maschinenfabrik

German company placed close to Cologne producing high performance fillingmachines for bags from 0.1 kgs up to 25 kgs. Products which can be filled all dry powder from flour to granulates. High performance vertical FFS machines.


Italian Company manufacturing bottle sleeving machinery for medium and high speed range. Finpac is one of the companies behind the start of the sleeving process, which makes them to the market leader.


French company placed close to Saint Leonard, producing cooling cells-tunnels for forced cooling of eg. dairy and other food products to shorten the logistictime and come sooner with the products on the market.


French company manufacturing different pumps, dosings and mixing system for the food, backery and dairy industry.


German company placed in Barbing not far from Munich (Germany). Producing high quality labeling machines mostly for beverage but also other food applications. All from small 5 000 bottles up to big production 50 000 bottles/hour.


Galdi Srl

Italian company close to Treviso, producing high quality filling machines for Gable top cartons as well filling machines for cups, mainly in the dairy industri, but also fruitjuices can be handled.  


Hartness International

US based company in SC Greenville producing Dynac smart accumu-lationsystems always first in first out, high speed shrinkfilm machines and robotic solution for warehousing, flash back is a trouble shooting system for detecting problems in production lines.



German company manufacturing folding machines for all kind of products all from choclate boxes and candies but also making multipacks can be all from soap to many other products.

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German company placed in Nottuln, near Münster. Producing high quality packaging machinery, like wrap-around casepackers, shrink foil machines, combined tray/shrink machines, depalletizers and palletizers. A new development in Meypack is their pack/pall machine which is a combined packer and palletizer. 


Bünder & Schmitt

German company in Zülpich manufacturing special fillers and capping applicators for all food, pharmaceutical and detergent industry. With high performance and precision.

Synerlink / Arcil

Manufacturer of FFS machinery for multipacks and or single cups.

Siapi S.R.L

Italian company close to Treviso, producing linear blow moulders for water, beer, edible oil industry in the medium speedrange, for bottles but also other special containers like widemouth and so on.



A Slovenian company with high ambitions, producing high quality filling equipment with some patented solutions, for the beverage and other liquids industry. Also assembling complete lines.